Health and Wellness

Doctors’ Offices, Nursing Homes, Hospice and Short-Term Care Facilities

Indiana Telephone Co. has provided several health care professionals as well as post-acute and long-term care providers for over 30 years with the following services and assistance:

  • Telephone Systems, Line Service, Broadband, Portable and Wireless Phones
  • Data and Networking Solutions and Cabling
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Patient Room Telephones
  • IVR, or interactive voice response system
  • Medic Alert Systems
  • Fire, Ambulatory, Police all required First Responders Line Service
  • Services to off-site Pharmacies
  • Alarm and Door Locking Protection
  • Billable Private Phone and Line to Residents

Accompanied with our vast knowledge of voice and data services and understanding of HIPA compliant regulations, working hand in hand with on-site management team makes Indiana Telephone Co., one of the best in class service providers in the state of Indiana.

Indiana Telephone Co. sells and supports the most up-to-date and unique voice and data communication systems based on the latest cutting-edge technology currently used within the medical service environments. Our systems are multi-tiered, with different levels of service and communication to support any environment for both the staff, residents and/or visiting medical professionals.

These systems require a unique design and implementation that splits communication between these two groups. They are one of the most complex systems to install, even so, they are one of the most useful systems and tools among all medical professionals and all medical environments. Proper installation of these systems by ITC trained and qualified technicians will make a tremendous asset within any business, nursing home, and/or assisted living facility and will support you well into the future.

Our systems are designed with Evergreen Technology, meaning you do not have to do a total system upgrade, as the years go by, and when the need for the latest and greatest system enhancements are created for the advancement to your system, they can be installed with these new up to date features as they become available, just a simple software download for the upgrades and you are back on track and ready to go.

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